South Dakota Pheasant Mounts

This picture shows the full mount of the two pheasants I brought back from South Dakota. They're mounted in a 'fighting' arrangement. The lower bird is a partial-albino, the upper bird is normally colored.
A close-up of the head of the partial-albino pheasant. It's ring is totally absent, but many of the feathers are fringed in white, giving the bird the apperance of being frosted.

Note the bird's yellow legs- a normal pheasant cock has dark grey legs.

Close-up of the normally-colored pheasant's head. This bird was quite mature, and had excellent 'ears'. The neck feathers are fluffed up in a fighting display.
A picture of the partial-albino bird. The tail feathers in the center are pure white nearly to the tip, where they revert to normal coloration. Also, the wings are much lighter than normal in color- nearly pure white. Other feathers on the bird are much lighter than normal, and pure white feathers are scattered randomly.
A back view of the normally-colored bird, showing normal wing and back coloration. This mature bird is an extremely striking example of the species.

Taxidermy by:
Shane Smith Bridgeport, Alabama (205)495-2596